Consulting Practice


After a long and wonderful ride on staff at a great non-profit, I am accepting new clients again.

Email me at <jek discorporate us> or call +1.971.533.7395.

API and SDKs for Humans

Built an awesome SaaS or *aaS and ready to offer native language bindings to your customers, but worried that building in-house strays from your core competencies?

I can produce idiomatic, performant and developer-friendly bindings end-to-end so you can stay focused on your service. Coding, automated testing, documentation and management of issues, patches and contributions from your customers. Code quality and best practices that enhance your brand. Python especially, but anything you need.

Open Source Customization and Patching

Customizing software to suit your needs, be it bug fixes, tweaks, whole new integrations, drivers, workflows and functionality. Upstream or forked.

Custom Programming and Design

Your design or mine. Open source or not. My specialities include:

CTO on Call

I can provide high-end, cost-effective help for small organizations without a full-time CTO, and, for larger orgs, support CTOs fully tasked with other priority projects.

Training and Support

On-site or remote; class room, small group tutorials and one-to-one mentoring. I can help you and your team fully utilize your chosen tools, or implement a new process, technology or toolset.